Recyclix in english, you too you can win money

Recyclix, the experience of recycling and ecology.

If you are at this video or on my website, it’s probably because you are looking for a way to earn money.

Sites for that, there are thousands. But all are not equal!
I would like to tell you about a very special site that appeals to crowdfunding, which can allow you to earn money while making service.

A close friend introduced me to a site that is for me one of the best sites of the moment, and probably in the future.
The company behind this site is Polish. Her name Recyclix. They make recycling. They buy plastic, sorts it, grind it, cleans it and turns it into granules. What you see on the screen are the pellets. Ie recycled and transformed plastic.
The company is headquartered in Warsaw. You will see with this marvelous tool Google-earth its offices … You can see their office near the main avenue in the city.The location of waste processing is a hundred kilometers southeast of Warsaw. And hop ! we will fly over the country to appear a little later.

But how it works? How will you make money?

Simply by buying waste … among others.
Looking at the screen. You see it a schematic of what happens when we want to recycle raw materials.

First they are purchased. Then we must sort. They are then crushed and cleaned.

At the end, it will be transformed into pellets, which will sell and ship them in a factory that manufactures plastic objects.

What will you gain?

If you register on the site, it gives you € 20.

To try.

But of course, if you want to earn more and faster, IWe will have to invest your money.

But suppose you do like me and you decide to use your 20 euros.
So you will buy 100 kg of waste.

You will leave a few weeks for the process to happen.

Then ?
Either you decide to get your money back, or (which is the most recommended) you reinvest it.

Earn ever more.

Then the company invites you to « buy » pieces of engine.
Forklift, sorts of equipment or cleaning machine for grinding or transform the plastic granulate. Of course you do not actually buy, but the money you invest at home allows them to buy everything engin allowing them to expand.
The purpose of crowdfunding is to get money from investors like you and me, with amounts ranging from € 20 to € 20000 and more.

Then you will be able to recover the money plus commissions over time.
I strongly believe in this society, first because it seems to me reliable, it seeks to show itself, then because it touches something that is called ecology.

In fact, I prefer to know that plastic is in their plant in nature rather than to pollute the air, land and waters of the seas and rivers.

If you want to register too and have a bonus 20 €… click here :, you clic on « sign up ».

And in the case ID, write this code (it’s a code for affiliate me…) : 0C6E-0633-1C8A

For info : pseudo skype : moi-jeux

Pourquoi pas vous ?

Vous aussi vous êtes capable d'améliorer votre vie et d'atteindre une liberté financière.

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